Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I started decorating for Christmas early this year. I usually try to wait till after Thanksgiving, but with turkey day falling so late in the month, I couldn't help myself. 

I found the cutest little felt banner at World Market here in Charlotte, NC. I'm obsessed. It kind of looks vintage. I kept twerking it to fit on my mantel, until I realized it would fit perfectly on my stag horns. The honeycomb trees were a Target find. They open 360 degrees, but I only opened them halfway and used wall-safe tape to secure them to the wall.  The stockings and disco balls were ebay scores. 

I insisted on an 8 ft tree this year, sorry Andy. Ha! It just barely fit in his saab.

So glad I decided to place the tree by the piano. I'm really getting a lot of practicing done in there ;)

I opted out of a color coordinated tree this year. Really, they just feel too forced, and a little dated to me. I have so many ornaments that I hold dear, and I love having them all on the tree.

My sweet friend, Colleen just made this one for me ♥

I definitely plan to do some baking this year. Well, I plan to do it every year, but this time I'm actually making it happen. I have just seen too many good recipes on pinterest. I can't resist. 

Yesterday, I made some Andes mint stuffed crinkle cookies. Mine didn't exactly "crinkle" like their name says they should (not sure why, but it probably has something to do with my habit of taking short cuts in the kitchen) Nevertheless, they are freaking delicious.

A little thoughtful packaging, and they are on their way out the door to friends and family. I only ate like...10 along the way. woops.

Happy Holidays!

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peggybraswell said...

Wanted to tell you Merry Christmas + your photos are great! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com